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Hello everyone,

2012 – 2021
In 2012 we started a series of changes that have a major impact on the earth and the people who live on it. Everyone thought that the world would perish immediately, or that aliens would take in the most spiritual beings of the earth in ships etc....
At that time I always said that 2012 was a preparation for a series of events that would be different for each year.
From 2012 to 2021, different degrees of consciousness were transmitted to Earth. The first seven years always had to do with a connection with our chakras.

2012 gave an usher to awareness of polluting the earth.
2013 was about our relationships, family, but also a first impulse to do things differently politically.
In 2014, impulses were given to interpersonal relationships between all races, religions. In short, all groups of ideologies.
In 2015 we had to become aware of love for everything that lives.
In 2016 there was the impulse to be able to speak freely about so much that goes wrong, also about what is sneakily arranged by the rich, politicians, companies, etc....
2017 had to bring insight into how we think, how we can save the earth.
2018 gave us more confidence that we are the polluters, and that we have to solve it.
2019 was the ultimate preparation for a different experience in our society, where values can play a role again. See the countless protests from young people.
Now in 2020 we will continue to experience that we only have one earth and that all the phenomena of destructive nature can be found in each of us.
2021 will then be the start of an action on earth in harmony with the laws of nature.

Book pilgrim on a journey.
In 2007 I got the impulse to write down a part of my experiences about spiritual development. I wrote 90% of my book at that time. I waited for the last 10 % but every year so much had changed that I couldn't go on.
Last year I started it again and finished the book. It is a spiritual journey of a boy who experiences at first hand how life can and may be lived. He learns through initiations and challenges. My intention was first to make one book about the evolution of the pilgrim and then in a second part to explain more about many different spiritual themes. In part 3 of the book the complete transfigura method would be explained. But part 2 and 3 have a lot of drawings and that would be very expensive. That is why we have chosen to publish the first part separately.
The Dutch version of the book is ready, as well as the Dutch E-book! The English version of this book will follow as soon as possible. We launch the book in the normal circuit of distribution, but also separately in our own circuit at a cheaper price.
By sending an email to you can order the Dutch book or pre-order the English version and when payment has been received it will be delivered. We ask 20 euros + shipping costs.

A warm hug from the heart