What is a treatment? What can you expect?

The cells of the body keep information of events that happened to you in the past. The cells can even store information from the time before you were born.

Stanny has the ability, within his hands and with the use of all of his senses, to “see”, “feel” and “listen” to the body and to find the blockages in the energy of a person.
He translates the information he gets from the body to express how difficulties build up, and together with the client looks for the real reason of the problem.

By using the technique of the Transfigura Method, developed by himself, he stimulates the self-healing power of the body and uses the stored  energy to heal the body.

The treatment works on many physical, as well as, psychological problems. The basic energy of the body is activated again and the organs get more energy to heal. Chakras are being cleansed and the aura becomes stronger. Parasites residing in the aura are eliminated.

This method affects the full flow of information that gives the body the ability to heal while strengthening the positive flow of energy of the mind, which equals, total healing.

A personal healing session takes about 1 hour.