Transfigura Method

What is the Transfigura® method? How does it work?

The name
The name Transfigura is given to a method, that has its origin in the teaching of Regeneration, later called Transfigu-regeneration
It is a method of relaxation, which aims to support and encourage the body in its self-healing capacity.
Regeneration is a system bringing something back into its original state and the result is that “used energy” can be reused. It is also a spiritual renewal on a higher level.
Transfigura means: creating a new being. It is an inner transformation, with attention to the restoration of complete harmony in both body and mind.

The Transfigura-method contains these components. By simple energetic exercises applied to the bone structure, the self-regenerative ability in the body can be reactivated.

The Method:
The bone structure and the whole body are constructed from the most essential matter which contains a basic substance. This matter is the origin of physical life. It is given by the parents through birth and is in daily life, maintained by nutrition, breathing, sleep, relaxation and movement.
Each cell in the body knows perfectly what it should do. Driven by intelligence, the processes of building, providing extras, transformation and regeneration take place.

Everything is according to a specific order. However, a disorder in the system which can be caused by outside influences, can occur on every level; physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual.
The mechanism of creating healthy cells of reloading energy can be seriously confused by the influence of stress. Strong energetic influences, thought patterns and specific moods contribute to emotionality, while positive thinking and creating inner peace lead to more stability.

The Transfigura method is a gentle relaxation technique which aims to restore and preserve general harmony. The body’s own energy is reactivated, harmonized and channeled by doing exercises and connections with the bone structure.
The skeleton belongs to the most compact material form. Sometimes energetically expressed as “crystal energy”, which is composed of chemical compounds, built from the most essential substance and transforming itself constantly under the influence of food, air, light and movement. In harmonic conditions the body can maintain and constantly regenerate itself.

By doing the exercises, circumstances are created to give the released energy back to the body, going to those places in the body where energy is needed the most to balance it again.